An activity with the focus on the typical owner/handler of a sporting dog that is a family companion as well as a waterfowl hunting partner.  Designed to encourage having fun and understanding exactly what you want of your retriever and not based on obtaining the traditional hunt test/field trial titles!

A Great Event for Fundraising!



  1. No professional dog trainers allowed to handle dogs
  2. Retriever and Sporting breeds only
  3. Actual waterfowl hunting scenarios for both field and water hunting when the venue permits both
  4. Test will be set up and explained by Jim Beverly
  5. Scoring will take into consideration all phases of the hunt including the dog/handler relationship
  6. Handlers must be at least 12 yrs old to participate and be willing to use their waterfowl calls and handle fire popper loads in a 12 ga. Shotgun.  Primers or other means of producing the sound of the gun will be used depending on the venue.  There will be NO gunfire at the bird launch location as you would have in most hunt test or field trial.  That would not be a true hunting situation.  A short goose or duck call will be blown to simulate an incoming bird or birds.
    • Judging will be done by Jim Beverly
    • Each participant will be assigned a number in each level
  7. Registration fees (if any) and the decision on ribbons, plaques or trophies will be made by sponsoring organizations.  A drawing for prizes will be held for all participants regardless of their
    score or placement in the Challenge.  Prizes will be determined by the sponsoring organizations.
  8. Participants will be encouraged to treat the contest as though they were actually on a hunt
  9. A DVD of the event will be available